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What Is Content Curation & Why Is It Important?

Many small business owners tend to forget about publishing curated content on their social media, don't be one of them! Trust me, I know that having a profile and a digital presence of all of your creations is so rewarding and makes you feel so proud of your product and service, but sharing curated content is just as important as creating it yourself.

different platforms and their social media feeds

You may be wondering, what exactly is curated content ?

Curated content is the posts you put out in to the world on your digital presence, that was created by someone else like your customers, sponsors, and influencers.

Did your customer post a story showing off your product and tag you?

Did your client post a photo about how amazing the service you provided turned out?

These are both examples of curated content! Showcase them!


As a small business owner, your digital presence should also include these types of content to show your audience that in fact, you are as amazing as you seem, and that others feel that way too!

I can also sense the next question being, why should I share curated content ?

There are many reasons to why but here are the most important ones in my opinion:

  1. Free content: You will save so much time by curating the content than if you were to create it yourself. As a small business owner, I know you have a million other tasks to accomplish than to only focus on your social media. Let your influencers and customers share your product for you!

  2. Value: It is as important to your audience as the creative process is for you! Your audience will appreciate the different perspectives of your product and service. They will get to see other real people use your product or service and understand how they feel about your product. Your audience will love the free and valuable content you provide. Let your current customers influence your new customers!

  3. Grow together: Are you using micro-influencers? By sharing curated content, you are also helping your influencers grow! Your audience will come across their profiles and maybe will want to stay connected with them and follow their journey!


stay passionate and creative ~

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