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My name is Feyza, and I started freelancing and designing websites in November 2019. Shortly after that in December of 2020, I made HEERAA Designs official and registered as an LLC.


I am also a Master of Science in Digital Marketing graduate from Rutgers University. 

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As the marketing manager at my previous job, I was responsible with designing our new website. The goal was to go from a coded, hard to maintain website to a user-friendly website (for both the visitors and the employees) that provided value to our visitors. Our old website also did not have as many modern features as the new website needed. After a month of full focus and lots of Starbucks lattes, the goal was achieved! Everyone absolutely loved the website and the organization was seeing results that were never seen before. 


At this point, I knew I wanted to be in Digital Marketing, but had no idea which part of digital marketing I would want to fall into. I just knew I wanted to be creative. After we launched the website, I knew I wanted to do this long-term and started to tell my friends and family I was now a freelance website designer. In addition to my old job's website, I created my personal website (, and two client's website ( &

I also graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing in May 2020.



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After launching, I was prepared to form my LLC and make it all official, so here we are.


HEERAA DESIGNS is finally live and accepting clients!


Currently, I am designing and maintaining Wix websites since it is my specialty. I am also taking customers for social media management and other digital advertising.



In the future, I want to take HEERAA DESIGNS to a higher level and make it a marketing agency that offers more than just website design, maintenance, and social media management. I want to offer services like coded web designs and development, logo services, and much more!


As a recent graduate from Rutgers University, I know how hard it is to find internships and marketing jobs, so when I am ready, I want to grow my team to help undergraduate students learn more about digital marketing, specifically with website design by providing them internship opportunities. But until then, I will be right here designing and maintaining websites for my current clients!

Thank you for getting to know my brand! You can reach out to me by texting or calling me at (609) 455-3455 or visit other pages to get a quote or to schedule a consulting.

- Feyza

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