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a 'hello from heeraa designs ~


It is so exciting to be writing out this post to welcome you to my new journey of "taking my business seriously." If you got the chance to look through my website before you landed on my blog, hope you loved it as much as I loved creating it back in 2020!

The idea of creativity with passion was my number one inspiration when I created my brand in 2020 during COVID-19. Since then, I have had major life changes like losing family members, attending and graduating from grad school, traveling back home to be with my fiancé for 6 months, and so many more.

Recently, with additional lemons of life added onto my lemonade pitcher, I decided to root back to my inspiration to be able to do what I love, what I studied for years, and what gets me excited, which is the digital world of marketing.

This post is short and personal, but I will be posting content each week that relates to digital marketing which will provide value for you and your business, so that you can create greater value of your products and services to YOUR customers.

stay passionate and creative ~


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